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5 Steps to World Peace

Are you starting a family? If so, read this book first. The 5 Steps propose that a human being birthed, raised and educated in a peaceful way with consistent and congruent conditioning throughout childhood, has a higher chance of becoming a fully thriving peaceful, contributing adult. If this theory were put into practice, nearly every part of our society would need to be restructured and reformed… not an easy or quick task. Until then, read the full theory outline, be the change we are dreaming of, and shine your light wherever you go.

Peaceful Consistent Conditioning Brings More Peace to the World

People the world over want to be good people. Yet, despite all the work and effort to create a peaceful society, violent and hurtful behavior still exists. Annually, there are approximately 13 million victims of crime in the U.S.; domestic violence accounts for 20 to 45 percent of all women’s injuries seen in emergency hospital rooms; and there are 20 to 30 wars going on worldwide at any given time.

Anthropologists, Sociologists, and Psychologists have long debated whether a human being’s demeanor stems from his or her upbringing or from genetics. This debate is called nurture vs. nature. And the experts now agree that both aspects will determine who you become. Based on this understanding, a child birthed, raised and educated in a peaceful, loving manner has a higher chance of becoming a peaceful loving adult.

The 5 Steps to World Peace

1. Obtaining Inner Peace
2. Peaceful Birthing
3. Peaceful Parenting
4. Holistic Applicable Education
5. Living as a Community

5 Steps to World Peace

Peace Culture Challenge

Detaching from the fear matrix. The modern world leaves many stuck and manipulated to live in perpetual fear. We can only create a culture of peace when we have permanently detached from our mainstream fear culture. This challenge takes you through a three part program, helping you to say goodbye to fear and step into a life and mind that is free. Start the challenge today!