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Trained as a wise woman in the healing and spiritual arts, Zoe specializes in the childbearing year, postpartum recovery, and healthy home design. With a background and formal education in Anthropology, she has dedicated her life to studying cultures, philosophies, religions, and health practices from all over the world. She has traveled to five continents seeking better ways of living. Through her research she has discovered a variety of cultural traditions and practices that create high levels of health.

She is part adventurer, part medicine woman, part philosopher, with a dash of satire and the soul of a poet. She would love to share her vision with you. Available for interviews and speaking events.

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  • 24 Years In Service
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Zoe isn’t just a Childbirth Educator and Organizer. She is a visionary, a change agent, a cultural conditioner, a revolutionary. She wants to change the narrative for humans – this starts at birth, this starts in utero, this starts preconception. She resides and teaches on Maui, and also offers virtual classes and special workshops abroad.

Zoe started her mission in 1998 after researching childbirth practices. She became aware of many women and children being abused in the hospital setting and wondered if there was a better way to help birthing women and their children. Through much more research she discovered gentle methods of birthing. She knew the only way to make a difference was to learn these methods herself and start teaching them.

Her personal agendas are as follows:

  1. Spread and instill the notion of the importance of nurturing pregnant women
  2. Peace on Earth begins at birth – a gentle birth is important, make it the norm for all U.S. women
  3. A new mother must have very specific healing during the postpartum period to ensure optimum health and prevent depression. Make it the norm for all U.S. women
  4. Spread and instill the notion that creating a home for your family that is a sanctuary will ensure the highest levels of health
  5. Consistent Congruent conditioning is her ultimate goal – that means that the narrative, values, morals, and methods at home, school and within the community all must match.

How does her work stand out? All of Zoe’s work is comprehensive and based on Human Truths. Human Truths work regardless of where you are from or what your belief systems are. Her anthropological organizational mind helps her create truly unique learning experiences for her students. She combines cultural healing modalities from around the world with a highly methodical structured deliverance. Her work is a pure example of the age old axiom “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

To help nurture pregnant women Zoe created a prenatal yoga & dance class, in this class she discusses many methods of self care, and how to stay lighthearted during pregnancy. Music, dance, breath, connection, support, relaxation, strength – it’s all in one class.

She teaches two workshops to help women ease their baby into the world – her Hypnobirthing workshop teaches Marie Mongan’s method of deep relaxation, and Zoe’s Easier Natural Childbirth workshop combines numerous tools for a drug free, natural, gentle birth.

Her postpartum recovery services offer comprehensive healing for new mothers. Her own postpartum experience was a nightmare. She was in severe pain, alone, and on the brink of death for nearly six months. It took her three years to recover from her own birthing experience, where she lost about half of her blood and had zero support to help her recover. Her personal experience made her realize that other women might be suffering through this time as well. She didn’t want any woman to ever to go through what she went through.

She got certified as a postpartum doula, and also did her own extensive research. This culminated into a postpartum doula certification program that anyone can take. She couldn’t find any program that taught all of the aspects that are important for a holistic healing experience. So she created it herself. She made it extremely affordable so more people could take the training. It is now offered as an online course.

Zoe also offers healthy home design consulting – this is a combination of organizing, decluttering, and other therapies – she calls it therapy level organizing. Her research shows that our living environment has a huge impact on our health. She has offered these services to her community for the last 20 years and it is one of her favorite things to do because she sees miracles happen before her eyes.

When Zoe isn’t teaching, consulting or writing, she is swimming, dancing, playing tennis or boating. She loves spending time with her children – human and fur babies.

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