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Postpartum Health

Honoring Women · Healing Mothers
Online Consultations

Why is postpartum care so important?

Immediately after birth a woman’s body is nutritionally depleted and often vulnerable from the stresses of birth. It is important to take the time needed to recover and properly heal. This means resting in bed as much as possible, and adhering to a postpartum specific diet that will help balance hormones, induce lactation, and heal the womb.

I have been trained in both modern and traditional postpartum care methods, with certification in The Art of Sacred Postpartum and have studied successful postpartum practices from countries around the world including in a variety of European countries, Morocco, India, China, Malaysia.

Your 1 hour consultation is meant to help you adjust and transition during this sacred time and includes:

  • A personally curated postpartum menu – meals, smoothies, teas
  • Womb healing protocol
  • Belly Binding tutorial
  • Lactation guidance
  • Emotional check in
  • Resources

How to sign up:

1. Fill out registration form
2. Sign waiver
3. Pay through website or ask me about (Zelle or Venmo) $75 for 1 hour consultation


3 sessions are recommended. In session 2 and 3 you will get continued support and discuss pelvic floor rejuvenation and postpartum yoga.

I look forward to helping you celebrate motherhood. I cater to special diets/allergies as needed.

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Certified Mother Roaster

Belly Binding

$75 - Shipping Included
Helps with:
  • Abdominal wall retraction
  • C-Section healing
  • Get back to pre-pregnant shape
  • Tighten body parts that may have lost muscle tone during pregnancy
  • Rental Program for Maui Residents Contact Zoe for details
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Disclaimer: Consultations are in no way intended to treat, cure or prevent any health related condition. If you have concerns about your health, please consult a licensed medical professional.

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