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Home Sanctuary Design

There is a movement underway. To simplify.
To find balance. To prefer substance over status. – Bosch

Make Your Home Your Sanctuary

This is therapy level organizing. I want your living space to feel safe, beautiful, cozy, peaceful and sacred. I offer a combination of decluttering, space organization, feng shui, light, color, and aromatherapy. I’ll teach you the 7 sacred systems and 3 secrets of excellence in home design. The Goal – to create a minimalist sanctuary and the healthiest living space possible for you and your family to thrive.

Want to take it to
the next level?

I also offer consulting in:
• Tech life organization
• Time management & Productivity
• Detoxing your home

Why should I do this?

Scientists now know that our living space affects our emotional state and overall wellbeing. Living in clutter and chaos causes more problems than you can possibly imagine — everything from your health and finances, to your various relationships are greatly affected. Clutter causes stress, triggers respiratory issues, upsets your children, leads to higher rates of divorce, decreases productivity, prevents you from getting promoted, and can even keep you living in debt.

Once you redesign your space, your life will change dramatically.

The Science

UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families (CELF), explored the relationship between 32 California families and the thousands of objects in their homes. They discovered:

• Clutter not only makes our homes look bad, it makes us feel bad too.

• It turns out that clutter has a profound effect on our mood and self-esteem. CELF’s anthropologists, social scientists, and archaeologists found a link between high cortisol (stress hormone) levels in female home owners and a high density of household objects — the more stuff, the more stress women feel. Men, on the other hand, don’t seem bothered by mess, which accounts for tensions between tidy wives and their clutter bug hubbies (resulting in stress for both, in my opinion).

Excerpt from

Healthy Home Design

5 Reasons to Get Organized:

• Helps cure depression
• Helps reduce stress
• Helps you be more successful
• Gives you more time
• Helps you live a life of balance, harmony & beauty

How do we start?

I’ve been doing this for 24 years and am still amazed at the end results. Miracles happen. Are you ready to create your sanctuary? I’d love to help you!

Schedule an Initial Consultation.

I am also available for small projects such as closets, garages, single rooms, moves, and more. Schedule an Initial Consultation.

minimalist sanctuary healthy home challenge

Want to create your sanctuary on your own, but need some guidance? This book is for you. Get all of my sanctuary design secrets in one easy pdf download. Click here to learn more.

Here is what some of my past clients have said after just a few hours of working with me:

  • "I have always been an organized person keeping meticulous task lists and managing my time to stay ahead of life. I looked and executed this program and frankly, I was amazed how many things i could’ve been doing all along to make my efforts even better. The principles and steps in this program are easy to follow and understand. I would recommend this program to anyone."
    — Shaun from Aurora, CO
  • “You are truly gifted and wonderful in this assistance. Thank you so much. I feel lifted and like I CAN now, move forward. Not stuck. Thanks again”
    — Jazlyn – Symphonic Clarinetist
  • “After only one session with Zoe, I felt transformed inside and outside with different areas in my house and also inside of me. I felt motivated to implement the changes Zoe has made. I love to look at my cabinets now. Something inside of me can relax and is more organized. My business is moving forward with more joy, a stable, simple system, organized very well. I love the the cleanliness and order of things. I open my cabinet and desk doors, know where everything is and love to look at it. Her suggestions have always been given with great professionalism and respect.”
    — Eva Maria – Healer
  • “I had Zoe help me organize my walk-in closet. When I came home after it was finished, I had such a sense of relief! I could find everything I needed very quickly as everything was grouped by categories. She also organized my bathroom. Everything was easy to find as all my products were grouped in categories. I have found that my daily life is less stressful now that I can find everything I need. I highly recommend Zoe!”
    — Melissa – Jewelry Designer
  • “We reached out to Zoe because we wanted a professional to help us clear out the clutter that had built up over the years. Zoe was amazing helping up to organize closets, our kitchen and kids rooms. She even helped us organize for a move. She helped us find a place for everything and create a system so that we can feel at peace and in control of our home…we couldn’t have done it without her! Zoe is an amazing professional organizer that will help you get rid of clutter, create a place for everything and help you bring your place under control. She has a different way of ‘seeing’ your space and enable you to create a home you love. I brought Zoe into my office after she had done her magic on my home. She was able to quickly de-clutter my office and help me increase my productivity. It is hard to estimate the power of having a place for everything including receipts, supplies and files. When everything is in place you can focus on what is important rather than busy work and distractions.”
    — Richard – Marketing Consultant
  • “Zoe has helped create an harmonious atmosphere and peaceful platform for my family to grow and be in. From this platform, we can maintain a certain level of organization that keeps my family, happy, healthy and whole. I can focus on spending more time with my family and go deeper into other projects around the house. She is responsible, consistent and a wonderful person to be around. Thank you Zoe for all the you do!”
    — Maureen – Yoga Instructor and Yoga Studio Owner
  • “After my divorce Zoe came into my house (what was left of it) and helped me re-organize the “remains” and made my house a home again! Thanks Zoe for helping me organize my house, you are a lifesaver!”
    — Jay – Goldsmith
  • “Zoe! I am still amazed at the impact of those few hours you helped me organize my kitchen. It was not just a practical clean-up one time event, but an education. I am forever changed at how I manage the stuff of my wild and crazy 5-person family. Thank you again and again.”
    — Julia – Mother of Three