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Zoe Weston

Anthropologist · Writer · Teacher · Designer · Organizer


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Photo by Christopher Douglass Photography


Trained as a wise woman in the healing and spiritual arts, I specialize in the childbearing year, postpartum recovery, and Home Sanctuary Design. With a background and formal education in Anthropology, I have dedicated my life to studying cultures, philosophies, religions, and health practices from all over the world. I have traveled to five continents seeking better ways of living. Through my research I have discovered a variety of cultural traditions and practices that create high levels of health.

I am part adventurer, part medicine woman, part philosopher, with a dash of satire and the soul of a poet.

My passion is to share my visionary ideas. Whether it is through a consultation, class, workshop, formal presentation, book or retreat, your supreme health is my goal.

I started my teaching mission in 1998 lecturing to children and adults on art and cultural history. My desire to start a family led me to become passionate about the importance of gentle birthing practices. My research grew to encompass the health of the entire family unit and every step of the motherhood journey – conception to post-birth.

All of my work is comprehensive and based on Human Truths. Human Truths work regardless of where you are from or what your belief systems are. The anthropologist in me loves to combine cultural healing modalities from around the world, in league with Aristotle’s axiom – “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Do you love to imagine better futures for humanity? If so, you might enjoy one of my visionary lectures, where I discuss my theory for world peace and next level public school curriculum. I’m happy to come to your event or be on your podcast to share my vision with you. Speaker Request Form.

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Thank you for being interested in my work. Wishing you and all life on this planet health, joy and beauty. – Zoe

Zoe Weston

Education: B.A. in Anthropology, minors in Religion & Art History, certified Hypnobirthing childbirth educator, certified Wholebirth prenatal yoga & dance instructor, 30 years of dance training(ballet, modern, jazz, tap, belly dance (birth dancing), ballroom, latin dances (salsa & samba), hula, hip-hop, Afro-Caribbean, brain dancing, circle dancing), DONA trained birth doula, certified sacred postpartum doula, certified sound healer, certified PADI rescue diver, intermediate level sailor, certified sommelier, ordained interfaith minister, ordained priestess of ancient Goddess traditions, and trained in the Fundamentals of Peace Building. Esoteric research includes:  Meditation, breath work, kundalini yoga, mudra, mandala, reiki, sound, color, light, aroma, stone therapies, feng shui, sacred geometry, labyrinths, home sanctuaries, heart-brain coherence, conscious language, acupressure, ancient civilizations, ascension.

Professional Background and Experience: Creating curriculum, teaching and lecturing for – The Honolulu Academy of Arts, The Japanese Cultural Center, The Institute for Islamic Art, Kaiser Medical, Maui Family Support Services, University of Hawaii – Maui, Community Childbearing Institute & Birth Center of San Francisco,  private teaching facilities such as yoga studios and private homes and as the host of the radio show Natural Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting.