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Zoe Weston

Anthropologist · Teacher · Healer


Zoe Weston Headshot

Photo by Christopher Douglass Photography

Meet Zoe Weston,

Trained as a wise woman in the healing and spiritual arts, I specialize in the childbearing year and postpartum recovery. With a background and formal education in Anthropology, I’ve dedicated my life to studying cultures, philosophies, religions, and health practices from all over the world. I’ve traveled to five continents seeking better ways of living. Through my research I’ve discovered a variety of cultural traditions and practices that create high levels of health.

My mission is to share what I have learned through educational materials, lectures, consultations, private classes, and workshops. My focus is to help create a culture where science, nature and spirit work in harmony for the highest good.

Through my research I have discovered that there are five foundations that support a healthy life – nutrition, exercise in nature, taking time to rest, the design and content of your home, and how we are birthed.

For self starters I have included a lot of information on this site that will help get you started in the right direction. If you would like a private consultation, class or workshop, contact me to schedule an in-person or virtual consultation. Now serving the island of Maui.

I am also spreading my simple theory for world peace, 5 Steps to World Peace. The theory encompasses much of what I’ve learned over the years. For more information or to read the whole thing click here.

Thank you for being interested in my work. Wishing you and all life on this planet health, joy and beauty. – Zoe