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Global Peace Council

Monthly peace talks. Join us.

What is the Global Peace Council?

The Global Peace Council is a group of multi-disciplinary thinkers, change agents, and visionaries. We believe what Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” When many minds from different backgrounds work together, more innovative solutions are presented. Each month we meet to discuss a chosen topic and issue. We state possible solutions and end with a variety of action steps we can all take together, including you. We will have outcomes documented and come back to discuss further work on a particular topic/issue in a future webinar.  If you are an activist/advocate/lover of peace you will not want to miss this!

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Peace Culture Challenge

Detaching from the fear matrix. The modern world leaves many stuck and manipulated to live in perpetual fear. We can only create a culture of peace when we have permanently detached from our mainstream fear culture. This challenge takes you through a three part program, helping you to say goodbye to fear and step into a life and mind that is free. Start the challenge today!