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Book of Life Retreats

Cleanse · Create · Meditate

-for those seeking a sacred life-

7 Days of Sacred Bliss – This is a multi-sensory, multi-discipline sacred healing experience.

Each morning, afternoon and evening is filled with art and aqua-healing activities.


You will be gently guided to do a full aqua-healing cleanse – a combination of teas, infused waters, broths, soups, smoothies, herbal and mineral soaks, cold plunges, and water communion activities – waterfalls, lakes, rivers, oceans, pools, or hot springs – depends on which retreat you attend.

Our team hosts retreats in special sacred places on the planet. Some are at private residences and some are at exclusive retreat centers. We have carefully curated the location, the menu and daily activities to create the highest therapeutic effect.


Have you ever wondered about the life of your mother, father, favorite aunt or grandfather? What if you had a book that gave a bit of family history, accounts of epic adventures, a favorite cookie recipe, or other special details to be passed on to the next generation? This will be your Book of Life, a cherished heirloom you can pass on to your family.

The Art segment of the retreat takes participants on a multi-medium art experience – culminating in your personal Book of Life – an illustrated heirloom memoir. We do daily writing and creative illustration techniques – calligraphy, color therapy, sacred geometry, sacred symbols, mandalas, water color, and pencils.


Wake to herbal teas, aromatic potions, breath and body nurturing in a beautiful paradise. You’ll be guided to practice a variety of ascension techniques taken from both ancient and modern masters.

Our Ascension part of the program gives our participants daily movement and meditation practices taken from ascension disciplines around the world. We will discuss the idea of ascension, share stories of those who have achieved this awakening and offer techniques to master this art. Yoga, Chi-Kung, Tibetan Rites, Taoist Practices, Sacred Sounds, Angels & Saints in World Cultures, Breathwork and Comparative Philosophies.

Choose from these sacred locations:
Maui, Switzerland, England, Greece, Malta, Bimini

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