Many times I’ve been asked why and in what ways DUNE is my favorite book, and a book that changed my life.  Here is how I respond to that:  The philosophy, the idea of reaching the highest level of human potential, the constant telling of human nature, it’s flaws and propulsions, the way it shows power struggles amongst the most powerful – how they play the power game and how a planet learned to survive with almost zero water.

Btw – the book is very challenging to read, you must learn to accept another language into your psyche, a language completely made up by the author, he explains it as the story goes, but it is a sweet unfolding, not always direct definitions. The whole story, everything about it, pushes you to THINK, examine, analyze and surrender into a story being given to you. And when you come out on the other side of this book you feel like you accomplished something, and you did – you learned what it means to be human.

Sci-Fi Favorite – Frank Herbert’s Dune