The Earth Gives Freely

Permaculture plays a key role in ending world hunger. I can see an immediate three-fold benefit of incorporating permaculture onto every existing residence that allows for its implementation 1. energy/land efficiency, 2. food sovereignty, 3. therapeutics of communing with nature.

I have always found it strange that the greater portion of humanity has to pay for the basic essentials of life such as food, water, energy and other natural resources that the Earth provides freely. I understand, that it wasn’t a system that happened overnight and perhaps it WAS a necessary system at one time, ensuring equality and communal contribution. Yet, I’m struggling with the notion of exchanging money for essential life necessities as a perfect system. The only reason I struggle is because modern society ensures that thousands and sometimes millions are left out of the equation. In other words they do not have the means to obtain money in exchange for basic living essentials. I would go further to add health care and education to this list, but for now I want to offer one solution for feeding humanity by returning millions to their own self supporting plot of permacultured land – a small piece of land that could feed a family and have surplus to trade within a community of other permaculturists. A farm set up in alignment with the surrounding geography and the appropriate regional plants and animals. With trees dripping of fruit, fresh vegetables and herbs in summer and enough to preserve for winter by canning, dehydrating and freezing. Non-vegans could expand their food surplus, by integrating chicken eggs, goat milk products and honey bees.

So, how do you get started? First, read a book about permaculture and browse a website or two on the topic. Then take a course. Then implement the techniques that you have learned and finally, connect with others in your community and trade your surplus harvest. Once you have created your own plot of paradise, please share your story here, I’d love to see your garden. Abundance for all, now and forever… so be it. – Zoe