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Birth Dance Teacher Training

“Wherever a dancer stands is holy ground” – Martha Graham

Want to add a really fun class to your prenatal practice? Learn the ancient art of Birth Dancing. Over the years many of my students tell me that this is their favorite class. Schedule initial consultation to set up your private online teacher training today.

$733 for 5 day intensive

What you will learn:

  • Learn the history of birth dancing (the original form of childbirth education)
  • Movements that relieve discomfort in pregnancy, stimulate birth, and ease the birthing process
  • How to structure your class
  • The best prenatal warm ups and cool downs
  • How to select music for class
  • Student safety and more…

Prerequisite: Certification in one or more of the following: childbirth education, birth doula training, prenatal yoga.

$733 for 5 day intensive

  • Long ago, women trusted in their unique knowledge and skills in the art of growing and birthing their babies. Those with experience imparted their wisdom to first-time mothers, not just through verbal dialogue, but in their body language and with the use of their intuition in daily endeavors. Often, women’s pregnancies culminated in a birth circle ‘dance,’ where the laboring mother, surrounded and protected by a circle of other women, danced her baby into the world. And women continued to stay in community, working and raising their children together, all at the same time.
    — Janice Olivia Dawn – birth dancer

Dance is a passion of mine and I’ve made sure to have it in my life since I was a child. I have over 30 years of dance training in – ballet, modern, jazz, tap, belly dance (birth dancing), ballroom, latin dances (salsa, samba, bachata), hula, hip-hop, Afro-Caribbean, brain dancing, circle dancing. Birth dancing took center stage for me as I delved into the mysteries of the childbearing year. I trained for 3 years in birth dance techniques in California, Hawaii, Egypt and Australia and I am a certified Wholebirth yoga instructor, certified Hypnobirthing childbirth educator and certified birth and postpartum doula. The classes I teach and what I will pass on to you are a fully comprehensive healing experience – combining breath work, affirmations, yoga, birth & brain dance techniques – the classes you teach will be fun and your students will remember this unique experience for the rest of their lives.

Dancing with a group of expecting mothers is a truly special experience. Whenever I teach a prenatal yoga and dance class I feel a deep connection to all of my female ancestors and sisters who celebrated and honored the sacred rite of passage of motherhood. It is a great honor to teach a class like this. The music and dance brings out something eternal in us and you can feel the energy rising as we connect with each other and the new life nestled in the womb.

$733 for 5 day intensive