I’ve Always Been a Proud Tree Hugger

Trees are our friends. I’ve always been a proud tree hugger and so can you, but why stop at hugging?  Hug a tree, plant a tree, give a tree, eat from trees, nap under a tree, climb a tree, listen to trees, love the tress. Trees are the oldest living beings on our planet. They are the wise ones, the ancient seers, the eternal givers. When all humans on the Earth speak the language of the stars, the seas, the trees, thy work will be done. If you haven’t ever connected with a tree, give it a try. Try meditating under a tree, listen closely for bird song, the breeze against the leaves, and any other natural sounds in and around your chosen tree. Touch and smell your tree, then say hello. Is it strange to talk to trees? Perhaps for some, to others it is as natural as talking to another person. It is another being after all. The tree of life, the trees give life, what would December be without our beloved Christmas tree?