Water Is Medicine

It is common knowledge that we can not survive without water, but few are aware of the enormous healing powers water holds for us, water is medicine. My personal obsession started as a child. At a very early age I began to dream of swimming with dolphins, sailing crystal blue seas, and luxuriating in exotic spas. In the eighties doctors started telling their patients to drink eight glasses of water a day, and so I carried a bottle of water with me everywhere I went from the age of twelve, and still do to this day.

As an adult I made it to the sea, and the dolphins and created my own spa at home with a weekly bath ritual. For years now water has been my medicine and I had no idea I was giving myself a therapeutic treatment. I can be in the worst mood and go the beach or the river or the hot springs, and feel completely revived afterwards, like a new person. Author of The Blue Mind, Wallace J. Nichols has compiled research on the affects water has on our well being. According to him spending time in, on, under or near water can be beneficial to our overall health.

So pour yourself a glass of cool clean water, have a cup of tea, give yourself a facial steam, take a bath, go for a sail, canoe on a lake, scuba and snorkel, white water raft down the river, take a nap on the beach, swim laps anywhere you can, cook a pot of your favorite nutritious soup, take a steam sauna, play in a waterfall, take an invigorating shower, write poetry by the stream. Whatever life brings your way, make sure to incorporate water as much as you can. You won’t regret it.