Want to be a peace activist? Remember when letter writing was a thing? Yes, before we had smart phones or email accounts, we used to put paper to pen and send it off into the void hoping it would reach its destination. We didn’t just write our friends and family we wrote our representatives, our congress, our Mayors. Letter writing fueled our political system, it was how we got things done. Our letters counted for something. Say hello to peaceful activism.

Nowadays we can still communicate with our representatives. Most do it through email, and I wonder how many actually get read, and how many can easily be deleted and lost in cyberspace. Can we go back to old fashioned letter writing? Is this an effective way to get through to our government? Yes, I believe that writing letters can save the world. However, it must be done en mass. I’m hoping to inspire whoever reads this to take a few minutes of your time weekly or even daily to write and send letters asking for what you want.

Activism must take precedence right now, especially if you feel a daily struggle to survive. The struggle grows amongst the people of the United States. But don’t just write your representatives, write your hospital’s administration, the administration of your children’s school, write doctors and teachers, and grocery stores. Write corporations and banks. Speak up about the systems of inequity, inefficiency, inferiority, and inhumanity. Let’s upgrade America!  National Priorities can help you find the correct person and address to send your letters.  3, 2, 1, GO.  – Zoe 

Be a Full Time Peace Activist

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