What would a Utopian home be like? I imagine it would be beautiful, efficient, ergonomic, and designed with principles of feng shui, The home would have all of the latest, most advanced sustainability systems built in – solar windows/tiles/panels, water catchment and filtration, well water if possible, wind energy, geothermal, permaculture landscape, greenhouse, winter food storage, composting, advanced waste systems, all natural building materials (such as cob, superadobe, stone, tile, bamboo, wood, glass), high tech entertainment and security systems, sacred geometric design for efficiency and beauty, use most advanced principles of light, color, scent and nature for the healthiest and most comfortable living space. All of these technologies exist, and it is my greatest wish to not only live in a home like this myself, but to live in a community, a city, a nation that aspires to living in harmony with nature. Imagine, for a moment what that kind of life would be like. Let’s start to explore how that transition can take place, first on a small scale with our homes and then branch out to businesses, and cities.

If you’d like help creating your own healthy sanctuary, hire me here.

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