Anything that takes my health to a higher level is welcomed. So, I got super excited  a few years ago after watching a movie called Grounded. This film explains the health benefits of simply lying on the Earth, a technique called Earthing. It is truly inspiring and backed by science. I started to practice Earthing, and noticed immediate results. I became calm, centered, and all of my back pain went away, something I have been dealing with on and off for years.  All I did was lay in my backyard on a towel for 5 to 10 minutes.   I went further in my research and read a book by Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee called Barefoot Walking. And again, I am blown away by the simple truth – walking barefoot, another way of staying connected to the Earth, is best. Because being barefoot in our culture isn’t always practical or allowed, the authors offer the next best thing to bare feet……. moccasins. So I am currently in pursuit of a pair of moccasins. Luckily, there are countless venues that sell these beautiful shoes and boots which were designed thousands of years ago by various North American tribes. I’ll keep you updated on my barefoot and moccasin wearing experiment.